Friday, May 8, 2020


Make no mistake about what happened with William Barr's Justice Department dropping charges against the self-confessed criminal conspirator Michael Flynn this week... this was two things. First, it was a de facto Presidential pardon, only without the potential damage to Trump's re-election bid that having him directly pardon Flynn would have likely sparked. Second, it was the most recent development in the New Fascist International(e)'s ongoing Russiagate conspiracy (acting as both cover for past related criminal activity and laying the groundwork for future criminal acts and cover-ups). Also, it's just plain fucking disgusting.

Here's some pretty good analysis of why this latest move by Barr's now hopelessly tainted DOJ is an example of its breathtaking dishonesty, its institutional hypocrisy (if everyone was given the same consideration as the DOJ intends on giving Flynn re: the "relevance" of his FBI questioning, America's jails and prisons would be empty), its flagrant abuse of power, and its abject mockery of the rule of law:

These are dark days for more reasons than a mere virus, folks. Shit is happening under cover of sickness that is absolutely disgusting, and far more damaging to the body politic than Covid-19 could ever hope to be.

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