Sunday, March 25, 2018



Innocent Question #257832 ~ Do you think all those Far Lefties who think that the USA is the source of all Earthly evil and belongs on the trash heap of history understand that what follows Pax Americana is a world led by a techno-totalitarian, command capitalist super-China, surrounded by increasingly reactionary and isolationist WMD-fetishizing ethnostates of ever-dwindling influence beyond their own borders?

Innocent Question #257833 ~ Why is it that the same people who say: "Minorities need to shut the hell up because they have NOTHING to complain about!" also say: "Whites must do everything in their power up to & including ethnic cleansing to prevent the horrific fate of becoming a MINORITY!"?

Innocent Question #257834 ~ Why is it that when people talk about traveling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present thinks that they can affect radical change on the future by doing something small, today?

Innocent Question #257835 ~ Would the GOP be behaving the way it does if they didn't already believe that the prospects for free and fair elections in 2018 and beyond are essentially nil? Not that they've been free and fair up to now. But have we, at long last, after decades of Republican election tampering and assorted vile shenanigans, finally crossed an irreversible anti-democratic red line? Have we really reached R.I.P.U.S.A.?

Innocent Question #257836 ~ Now that hacker (and Roger Stone best bud) Guccifer 2.0 has been definitively identified as a Russian military intelligence officer, do you think he regrets his past attempts to exonerate Russia by claiming "sole responsibility" for the DNC hack? 


So there's this guy who thinks his wife is fooling around on him but he's not sure. He has to go on a business trip and suspects his wife will use the opportunity to be unfaithful.
He asks a friend to follow the woman around and take note of her actions.
Being a good friend, the man agrees. 
On the weekend that the husband is away, his friend follows the wife and takes notes which he presents to his buddy upon the husband's return.
"What did you see?" asks the husband.
"I followed her and saw her meet a man in the park where they walked around arm in arm. Then I followed them to a French restaurant in which they had a romantic meal with oysters and champagne. I then trailed them back to your house," reported the friend.
"A-and then what?" inquired the husband.
"I watched them enter the house. I then went around back to look in through the window and saw them dancing around before they went upstairs. I climbed a tree to see what they were up to and that's when I saw them in your bedroom undressing. The man lay on the bed and your wife walked toward him in nothing but lingerie. But then she closed the curtains and blinds and I couldn't see anymore. Sorry to tell you that."
"Damn it! You see what I'm dealing with?!" said the distraught husband. "It's the uncertainty that's killing me!"

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