Sunday, November 26, 2017


Eric Garland is one of the most must-read voices on Twitter. His take on the AP bombshell re: the FBI "failing" to inform targets of Russian hacking is essential, and I concur with him 100% on every point. - Jerky


The AP just revealed that throughout this year, it's been doing counterintelligence work. Here's what I think it means.

1. This was no average failure by the FBI. NatSec officials and politicians were hacked by a foreign power in an election year.

Not only did they apparently let this slide, they also downplayed the risk to the Clinton campaign - while an element in FBI then reopened the "emails" case on Clinton.

Sidenote/forecast: almost every Trump/Alt-Right talking point against Hillary covers for Trump.

"Her emails" = Russia's hacking emails 
"Crooked" = We're actual gangsters 
"It's rigged" = We're rigging it 

Now ask yourself what Pizzagate was.

Back to analysis: 

2. That AP had to chase this story down *months later* explains why we were caught off guard by this attack.

If there was an organized attempt to conceal this Russian hacking effort from @Comey, then it would be tough for him to brief Obama.

This could explain why it took until the last weeks of the campaign to perceive the full gravity of the situation.

And, then agents at FBI reopen the Hillary email case with only days to go. Chaffetz tweets it out. Credits the DIRFBI.

Note that the day after Mueller is appointed, Chaffetz announced he'd be leaving Congress early, exactly like nobody ever does.

Yeah, THIS fucking asshole...
It's probably safe to say that Chaffetz - who tried to obstruct this case - had a nasty conversation with someone.

3. If FBI Counterintel was obscuring the emails, perhaps there were other failures as well.

And if that failure to investigate, analyze, and report was widespread, then Comey and Mueller have been SPRINTING to catch up.

That the investigation has taken ONLY a year before indictments would then be a Herculean, if overdue, task.

4. We should never get pantsed like this again in our lifetimes.

5. The rest of the story is going to make people angry enough, I suspect, to provide ample motivation to do better. 


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