Thursday, October 12, 2017


Behold Jordan Peterson! Champion in the battle against the scourge of Postmodernism! Valiant upholder of Western Values, ever on the watch for creeping Cultural Marxism! Stoic realist, rational and logical down to his common sense-loving core! Behold! he loses his shit while discussing Walt Disney's Pinocchio.

Ah, Jordan Peterson... you've got to hand it to him. He is, hands down, the most successful of the recent crop of Patron pan-handlers, those pseudo-intellectual blowhards who have decided to capitalize on the sizable audience of suckers out there willing to pay top dollar to be told exactly what they want to hear, over and over again.

I mean, who cares if he knows next to nothing about the subject matter that riles him up the most, that being the dreaded bugbear "postmodernism"? It's not like that's his field of expertise, anyway, right? And riling up a few hundred thousand people with inflammatory lies that indirectly feed into other, more destructive narratives about how the world works... it's not like THAT'S ever gone horribly wrong before... right?

Anyway, I'll soon have more for you about why I--and many other, more knowledgeable and even-tempered people--think that Peterson is every conceivable kind of WRONG when it comes to postmodernism. For now, however, I am restricting the rest of this ideological snapshot not to beliefs that he criticizes, but to beliefs that he holds dear.

The nature of Peterson's increasingly toxic fandom being what it is, falling somewhere East of Sam Harris' and just a wee bit West of Stefan Molyneux', I suspect that more than a few of you reading this now are going to be, if not necessarily fans of his, at least interested in what he has to say about a variety of topics, from the dangers of postmodernist political correctness to... actually, that's about it. Well, somebody went and did a little digging on the good professor, and guess what? Yes, as many of you may have already intuited, it turns out this Kermit the Frog-soundalike, pronoun-obsessed professor is off his fucking rocker.

Canadian blogger Nice Mangos begins her epic take-down/overview thusly:
Who is this guy? Well... For those unfamiliar he is a ‘controversial’ conservative university professor, in my own progressive city *sigh* University of Toronto. 
He's your average conservative Christian, with an added dose of hardcore gobbledygook with the audacity to criticize postmodernists for the same. Step aside Deepak Chopra! There's a new snake oil salesman in town. And this time he's smuggling in extreme conservatism AND atheists love him. Apparently one of the *most requested* guests of all time on Sam Harris' podcast! Their conversations were adversarial to be clear, but still Peterson was in great demand by Sam's audience. So much so, that there were two episodes featuring him. 
Gosh, remember when the atheist scene used to ridicule charlatans like Deepak instead of embrace them as some of our favourite intellectuals simply because they ‘trigger’ libtards, and dump on trans people, ‘the left’ and feminism - all the favourite bogeymen of the internet atheist movement! ...resulting in this strange alliance with a man who literally brought himself to tears while reading his own essay which mentioned ‘a loss of faith’.

Goddammit, make atheism great again.

It really amazes me that he criticizes flowery 'postmodernist' language for much of the same type of nonsense that comes out of his own mouth. He rose to fame last year when he had an unbelievable temper tantrum about Ontario’s Bill C-16 somehow taking away his freedoms by protecting trans people from discrimination. He’s been shown to be misrepresenting the law, but his popularity only grows in this climate where facts hold little value, and anything of substance is dubbed 'fake news'. 
Peterson has no qualms associating with people on the far far right... he even appeared on a Nazi's podcast. A woman who has literally advocated violence against people of colour refusing to leave the hypothetical ethnostate.

He may very well not be aware of all her views, but googling someone or looking at their social media is the least you can do before appearing on their show and lending them your legitimacy as a professor. If you are this blinded by your hatred of The Left that you're going on Nazi shows to talk about 'Western Civilization'... you probably should not be teaching kids.

As a critic of leftist mumbo-jumbo, its funny he describes the average university class as a postmodern neo-marxist indoctrination cult. He wants to start his own online university scarily enough... He plans to 'cut off the supply to people running the indoctrination cults', i.e., universities. And don't you worry... he's working on a way to differentiate between 'post modern course content' and 'classical course content'. 
In a time where mainstream media institutions are being discredited by right wing nutjobs, so too are educational institutions. Now, hold on to your kekistani undies, I’m not saying there aren’t ever crazy instances on campus, I’m not saying never criticize universities or The Left. There’s plenty to criticize... but there’s no proportionality… this response, as in idolizing Jordan Peterson, the guy who’s somehow repackaged old school conservatism as something new and hip… as an antidote to 'the left gone wild, drunk on the power of premarital sex, immorality, independent career women and loss of faith'… I mean come on. I've heard this shit before.
I grew up in Saudi Arabia.
And that's just for starters! With links, video clips, and text excerpts a-plenty, Mangos builds a case against Peterson that is utterly damning, next to impossible to refute, and hilariously entertaining to boot. If your personal journey towards philosophical enlightenment were to begin with this blog post... you could do a lot worse, let me tell you.

Keep watching this space, as I'll have more on Peterson--in particular, regarding his bogus, fear-mongering, spittle-flecked screeching jeremiads against postmodernism--in the coming days. Maybe even tomorrow!


  1. Excellent piece. Jordon Peterson is just the sort of demented ball of shit one has come to expect from the right. Internet panhandling 24/7 lie machine. Have a look at a few abstracts from his "papers." This is the kind of sheer bullshit those in the sciences take one look at and laugh out loud. And here we are talking about the guy's supposed field, let alone the content of his mindless and interminable video rants. All in all, a most unsavory character.

    1. Indeed, Max. You hit the nail on the head, my friend. Check out the Chapo Trap House portion I've posted recently! They rake Peterson over the coals. And deservedly so.