Sunday, July 2, 2017


Author Jared Sexton took to his Twitter account to discuss the origins of Trump's recent, somewhat disturbing Tweet, in which an old video of himself on a wrestling show is altered in such a way as to show him physically attacking an embodiment of CNN. It's funny, right? Ha-ha. Not coming from the President of the United States of America it isn't. And not coming from where it came from. Read on to see what I mean. Oh! But first, here's a short take from CNN and Carl Bernstein (which includes the video in question, in case you haven't seen it yet). - Jerky
  • Been going through the history of the guy who made that meme Trump sent out. It's all just overtly ugly, racist, sexist rhetoric.
  • These are the people who make up the alt-right, and the ones who are powering Trump and feeding off him.
  • Everything they say either further racism or promotes unthinkable violence. They openly fantasize about killing people.
  • Trump's continued endorsement only fuels this fantasy. They talk all the time about wanting a civil war, about killing liberals.
  • This isn't just internet boasting. This is the beginning of something really, really, REALLY bad. And Trump is adding to it daily.
  • If you don't believe it, go spend some time on Reddit. It's seething with this stuff and the people are unhinged. It won't stay there
  • This is already spilling over into the real world, in Portland, in Berkeley. It's not going to stop there.
  • These people are confusing the real world and the online one, and that violent rhetoric is going to find an outlet.
  • We're in a lot of trouble. There are sick, sick people coalescing and they're being emboldened by the President of the United States.
  • This isn't paranoia. This isn't being a snowflake. We're staring into the abyss here, and the abyss is staring back.

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