Thursday, June 15, 2017


In the wake of Wednesday's shooting/wounding of the White Nationalist-courting, NRA-funded Congressman Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) and three others by a Trump and Hillary-hating Bernie Bro during a charity baseball game practice, a friend of mine took to Facebook and wrote:
I wouldn't have believed what I read about wingnuts blaming this morning's shooting on "the left" if I did not have wingnut friends who are actually blaming this morning's shooting on the left. There is no polite way to describe their fanaticism. 
Unfortunately, he was 100% correct.

And it wasn't just thoughtless partisans reflexively spilling their ahistorical nonsense across the seething digital wastes of social media, either. The Big Boys got in on the act, as well.

Across the entire vast right-wing propaganda machine--all the way from FOX News, down through the talk radio ecosystem that is now well over 90% Far Right reactionary, through all the various right-wing and alt-right fake news sites like Breitbart and InfoWars and WorldNetDaily and TheBlaze and Daily Caller and on and on, ad infinitum, to the growing cottage industry of profiteering Youtube alt-right Patreon panhandlers sucking up as much anti-SJW loot as they can from people willing to pay good money to be told exactly what they want to hear--the refrain rang loud and clear: "The Democrats and leftists have taken things TOO FAR!

I shouldn't have to do this, because for fuck's sake, I assume most of you reading this are thinking people with functioning brains and at least some semblance of a working memory and basic analytic skills... but for anyone out there who might actually be stupid enough to think that "the left" or "Democrats" are the ones playing with rhetorical fire and courting extremists in the USA... well, here's what the FBI has to say about that.

I still have yet to see a single, solitary instance of this alleged "extreme rhetoric" that the Democrats have allegedly been engaging in. No. The home of true, violent extremism in America is almost entirely on the right. But the usual suspects, never ones to let facts get in the way of a good bullet point or anecdotal proof, are all het up over this one little incident, in which nobody but the shooter even fucking died.

Listen up, buttercups... an average of ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE are gunned down in cold blood in the United States of America, each and every goddamn day. Shot DEAD. But now, because Republicans got targeted this one fucking time... OH MY GOD! The RHETORIC!!! 

The really galling part is that this is coming from a cohort that fancies themselves "free speech absolutists", the very same people who poo-poo anyone who mentions that maybe the Republicans--with their increasingly unhinged and violent fan base and their blatantly White Nationalist "senior advisors" and their fucking Nuremberg style rallies where they demonize the media (while simultaneously pointing them out in the crowd), encourage chants of "Lock her up!" and worse, shriek "Go ahead and sucker punch that black bitch... I'll cover your legal bill!"--might want to tone that shit down.

By the way, if I were Steve Scalise right now, the person I'd be most afraid of in the world isn't the next Democrat, liberal, or even Bernie fan that he meets... it's Donald J. Trump. Because a wounded man doesn't make for even half as good a propaganda prop as a dead man, and deep down, I'm sure Scalise knows a) that Trump understands this instinctively, and b) that Trump would gladly sacrifice his life for far, far less than his death would be worth to him at this point.

She made $4,000 in two hours selling these. 

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