Thursday, August 6, 2015


GOD IS DEAD: BOOK OF ACTS: ALPHA (Avatar, $5.99) There's grisly fun a-plenty to be found between the pages of these two collections of deity-themed short tales that loosely fit into the God Is Dead comic book universe, wherein all the world's various pantheons have returned to do battle after the murder of the Big Kahuna Himself, Great God Almighty. The longest story here - and the only one spread between the Alpha and Omega issues - features a crazed mix of Arab, Hindu and Christian mythologies, and provides a bit of back-story for the wider series. If you've ever wanted to see Ganesha going toe-to-toe with Satan, then this is the comic for you.

GOD IS DEAD: BOOK OF ACTS: OMEGA (Avatar, $5.99) The second issue of this double-shot contains stories of a decidedly darker tone than the first, which features more comical tales, including one written by Alan Moore and starring his personal deity, Glycon, an obscure Roman puppet-god. The second issue, in contrast, features brutal torture, demons being skinned alive, satyr-babies exploding full-grown from pregnant bellies, and other assorted horrors. All in all, one of the better "dark fantasy" anthologies that I've had the pleasure of reading in recent months. Highly recommended, if you have a taste for the dark stuff.

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