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Daily Dirt Diaspora readers may or may not know that their old pal Jerky has been trying to kick-start a career in the motion picture industry since... oh, gee... since he was but a wee tyke! Although, truth be told, he was never really what anybody would rightly call "wee". 

Anyway, my most recent attempt at creating cinema is The Last Halloween, a ten minute short film based on an 8-page comic story I drew in late 2013, directed by my long-term writing partner (and best friend since the age of 9), veteran film industry editor Marc Roussel. You can see Marc's impressive IMDB credits here, and watch a trailer for our little movie, here:

So, we made a movie. And it's pretty decent. And that's all well and good. But what's most important at this point is that people get to see the damn thing. And that's why I'm pleased to report that yes, Virginia, people have been seeing the damn thing!

In fact, seeing as it is part of the mandate of this particular member-blog of the Daily Dirt Diaspora family of inter-related blogs to bring you news of yer old pal Jerky's progress in all of his multitudinous and variegated projects, I figured I should give you guys a rundown of The Last Halloween's film festival dates, past, present and future. 

Beginning, as is always fitting, at the beginning...

Twisted Celluloid Film Festival 2014
Friday, May 16, 2014
This was our World Festival PREMIERE! And it took place in beautiful Cork, Ireland, where we had the honor of screening as a special short presentation prior to the debut of a beautiful new 35mm print of the original EVIL DEAD!

Crypticon Seattle Tri-Cities Fantastic Film Festival
May 25, 2014
An official selection in the Shorts program!
The Nickel Independent Film Festival
June 17-21, 2014
This one took place in beautiful St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada!

July 2, 2014
This festival took place in conjunction with a huge Fan Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah! We were an Official Selection, and were were also nominated for Best Makeup Effects and Best Art Direction / Production Design!

July 17-19, 2014
We were an Official Selection at this Detroit-based horror/sci-fi/fantasy film festival!

Calgary Horror-Con
August 2, 2014
We were an Official Selection at this fest!

Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival
Aug 14-17, 2014
We were an Official Selection at this fest and we WON an award for BEST VISUAL EFFECTS!

Vivisection International Horror Shorts
August 17, 2014 at 7:30 PM
We were an Official Selection of the Summer 2014 Edition of this Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based film festival.

Action On Film International Film Festival
August 22-30, 2014
We were an Official Selection for this Monrovia, California-based  Fest, where we were nominated as BEST MAKE-UP and BEST HORROR SHORT (and came in first runner up in both categories).

Rue Morgue Festival of Fear FanExpo
August 28-31, 2014
We had two screenings at this hugely influential fan convention event in Toronto as part of the "Little Terrors" program of shorts, co-presented by Unstable Ground. It was a great experience that we hope to repeat at other FanExpos in the future!

Montreal ComicCon Horror Fest 
September 12, 2014
Official Selection!

The Diabolique International Film Festival
Sept 18-20th, 2014
We screened on Saturday, Sept. 20 at this Bloomington, Indiana based festival, where we got a couple of really nice write-ups in the local press (here's one!). We were also nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY and BEST MAKE-UP FX!
Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival 
Sept 26, 2014
This festival took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and our film was the short feature that ran before the gala presentation of the buzz-generating new indie horror film Housebound!

Chicago Horror Film Festival
Sept 26, 2014
Official Selection!

Beyond Fest
Sept 25 – Oct 4, 2014
Our film is an Official Selection and part of the "Shock Till You Drop” shorts program at this increasingly influential Los Angeles, California based film fest! I mean, check out this awesome website! Also (and almost unbelievably), we're showing on the same night, in the same theater, as John Carpenter's seminal classic (which was such an inspiration to us that we thank Carpenter in our credits), the original HALLOWEEN!

Feratum Festival Internacional de Cine Fantastico, Terror y Sci-Fi
Oct 2-5, 2014
We're really excited about showing as an Official Selection of the International Short Film competition of this Tlalpujahua, Mexico based film fest! I mean, again, just look at this site!

Raindance Film Festival
Oct 4, 2014
We're an Official Selection at this UK-based fest, and we're proud to be the short feature opening for a documentary about our fellow Canuck, the comic artist Seth, called Seth’s Dominion! Learn more, and maybe attend!

Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival
Oct 5, 2014
Official Selection!

Slaughter Movie House 
Oct 6th, 2014
Official Selection! Check 'em out on Facebook!

SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya
Oct 7, 2014
Spain's biggest and most influential fantastic film fest has done us the honor of making us an Official Selection! Check out the lovely Last Halloween site they made for us on their own website!

ScreamFest Horror Film Festival 
Oct 15, 2014 (at 9:30 PM)
We're an Official Selection at this Los Angeles, California based fest, which you can check out on Facebook!

PollyGrind Underground Film Festival
Oct 16, 2014
We're an Official Selection at this ground-breaking Las Vegas-based festival which you can learn more about here!

Samain du Cinema Fantastique
Oct 28, 2014
We're an Official Selection at this festival, which takes place in gorgeous Nice, France! Learn more here!

Twisted Tails Film Festival 
Dec. 5-7, 2014
We're an Official Selection of this festival, which you can learn more about here!


Well, that's about it... for today, at least! Yes, that's right, there's even MORE exciting Last Halloween news coming up in the next few weeks! So keep watching this space for more updates about our little-movie-that-could. I'll try to keep you posted on any awards that we might win, any write-ups we might get in the press, any paying gigs that this labor of love leads to, etc, etc. In the meantime, I wish you all a good night, and if you live near any of the festivals listed above that haven't taken place yet, why not make the trek to go check  out yer old pal Jerky's movie work the way it was meant to be seen... in a darkened room full of strangers!


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