Friday, May 23, 2014


Seeing as how I chintzed y'all out last week by giving you a bunch of old monsters that I'd drawn last year rather than the "absolutely 100 percent fresh new monster goodness" that I'd promised, I hereby present you with two all-new, wholly original creations from my sketch-book.

First up is the Meandering Flapper. He stands atop four spindly legs that end in cloven hooves, and his mostly-mouth of a head is ringed by a quartet of obviously useless wings, with the whole assembly being topped by prehensile bi-pupiloid eye-stalks and a scent-sensing nasal prong (pat.pend).

This week's second entry is the dreaded Chupa Kadavra. He appears in a short story I'm working on that's kind of like, what if instead of getting into crystal meth production, the high school teacher from Breaking Bad got into trouble by dabbling in the Black Arts? Say he cast some sort of half-assed spell, thereby imbuing decades worth - nay, generations' worth - of chewing gum with a malevolent sentience. The end result? The Chupa Kadavra! Stupid? Yes, but I like it, so you have to look at it.

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