Sunday, February 10, 2013


The universe is one.
Nothing that is, is not.
All that is, is.

The universe is infinite.
Infinity contains infinite infinities.
Everything that is, is repeated, infinitely.
Thus, infinity is one.

Because the universe is infinite,
And because the universe is one,
The universe does not exist.
It cannot begin until it is finished.
It is finished before it can begin.

One = Infinity = Zero.

Now is the arrow that cuts the air.
We are the air, split by the arrow.
We are not now.

Because we are not infinite.
Because we are not one.
And because we exist.


  1. A dynamic group walks into a room. First, the thinker flips the switch. Second, the feeler sets the thermostat. Third the rebel finds some music to blare. The fourth claims authority because he is an ass. The fifth finishes whatever he was doing, opens the window and leaps, 'cutting the air' like a swan.

    This fifth, the imbecile, is always the 'now.' The others may only react to his essence.
    I did enjoy the thoughts that this poem of yours produced.

  2. you have summed up Advaita Vedanta. Well done!

  3. Hey, I missed these comments when they first came out somehow! Thanks a bunch, guys! I appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot to me.