Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Drunkle Orpheus strikes again! This time, the program director for the Cafe Hypnagogia Youtube channel brings us the pilot for Sammy Davis Jr's ill-fated, Satanism-inspired sit-com, Poor Devil! Drunkle explains:

Sammy Davis Jr, during his early 70s Satanist phase, made this unsold TV pilot with a plot that plays like a satanic reversal of It's a Wonderful Life, complete with a Christmas-time setting. Sammy is a zany, misfit demon who is on the outs with Lucifer (Christopher Lee) because he hasn't captured a soul in over a thousand years. He gets one last chance when he is assigned a burned-out salesman (Jack Klugman) who is thinking of selling his soul. Sammy scrambles to satisfy Jack's desire for wealth and revenge and the usual sitcom merriment ensues. Also starring Gino Conforti as Sammy's demonic rival and Adam West as Klugman's sleazy boss. Originally broadcast by NBC on Valentines Day, 1973. For more info on Sammy Davis Jr's interest in The Church of Satan, read this article from Vice.com.

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