Tuesday, October 2, 2012


For this, the first-ever edition of Daily Dirt Diaspora Goes to the Movies!, yer old pal Jerky LeBoeuf has chosen to feature the 1970 occult-themed multiple-monster movie EQUINOX! 

This was a difficult film to get a hold of before its 2006 re-issue as #338 in the much ballyhooed Criterion Collection. Why such a high-falutin' outfit as Criterion would condescend to releasing a deluxe edition of a movie that very few people saw during its initial theatrical run probably has something to do with three things...

First, there is the fact that EQUINOX has long been considered a major influence on cult horror classic Evil Dead, although Sam Raimi, himself, has never acknowledged the debt. Still and all, the demonologist researching a super-evil book that calls forth demonic powers from beyond time, space and dimension, the secluded cabin in the woods, even the showdown on the bridge! It's all there!

Second, the film has garnered a reputation among some fans of stop motion animation as being a more than adequate example of the art form, with a large menagerie of cool looking monsters brought to Harryhausenesque life for our viewing pleasure. 

And, finally, third, there is the involvement (occasionally very tangential) of a number of "interesting" people... everybody from financier/auteur Dennis Muren, who would go on to win 8 Academy Awards for special effects work on movies for the Lucas/Speilberg cabal, legendary horror/sf author Fritz Leiber, who appears as a rogue demonologist without any spoken lines... except for on tape, where his voice was dubbed by none other than Famous Monsters of Filmland maven Forrest J. Ackerman! And of course, EQUINOX is the acting debut of Frank Bonner, a.k.a. WKRP's own Herb frickin' Tarlek, as Joe! All this, and Ed Begley Jr as assistant camera? How could you possibly resist?

So watch now, or forever hold your peace! Those Criterion creeps likely won't let Youtube keep this sucker up for very long, now.

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