Monday, September 16, 2013


I haven't posted much of my comics work on this blog because, quite frankly, I'm not really that proud of what I've done so far. The same is NOT true of the work I'm currently doing on The Last Halloween, which should be ready by the time our short film version of the same story hits theaters (or whatever it is short films hit nowadays) by this time next year. Keep your eyes on this space! 

No, the REAL reason I'm posting this comic for you folks today is that I haven't been posting much lately, and I feel like I should put some humorous filler up for those of you who check in regularly to see whether or not I've posted anything new. You know who you are. So this one's for you!

Obviously, you're going to have to click on this strip (from 1994) if you want to get all the subtle nuances and inside jokes hidden within the small type at the bottom of the first panel. It should fill up your screen pretty much from one side to the other when you do. Enjoy! - YOPJ


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  5. You know what? THESE stupid spam comments are so ridiculous, I'm leaving them up, purely for their comedic value. Thanks for the unintentional yuks, guys!